Nano technology products for surface coating


Dr. Swapan Ghosh
Dr. Swapan Ghosh, the founder of Nova surface-care Centre Pvt Ltd. is a polymer scientist with over 25 years of research experience in academia and Industrial R&D. During his career, Dr. Ghosh worked as Assistant Professor in Venture Business Laboratory of Yamagata University in Japan and, after moving to India, worked as a research scientist in reputed Indian companies in the polymer adhesives and surface coatings industries including Pidilite, Asian Paints and Shalimar Paints. Dr. Ghosh is well acclaimed name in Indian coating Industries for his scientific knowledge and proficiency in Knowledge, Innovation and development Chain Management. Dr. Ghosh has introduced more than 100 innovative products during his tenure in Indian Industries and published more than 25 scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals. His work on 'Stimulus responsive super hydrophobic water borne exterior paint' won him the prestigious Gordon Award in 2008. He has also guided two PhD dissertations in affiliation with Bombay IIT and ICT, respectively. His domain knowledge includes designing of multi-functional nano/smart materials for coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers application.
Dr. K. Rajesh Kumar
Dr. K. Rajesh Kumar, a Lead scientist and Technical Head of Nova Surface Care Centre Pvt. Ltd. (NSCC), has received PhD degree in Corrosion Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay and has Post-Doctoral research experience in polymer and science from University of Cologne. He has also worked as Guest scientist in Leibniz institute of polymer research, Dresden. As one of the founder members of NSCC, he is engaged in building internal science and technology capabilities for designing nano materials and to obtain smart functionalities of coatings and paints to solve some uttering problems of common people in our society. Dr. Rajesh has good numbers of publications and patent in his credential and owned several academic and research awards like NACE NIGIS Corrosion, SSPC best MTech thesis of the year, IITB best PhD thesis of the year etc.
Dr. Faisal Ansari
Dr. Faisal Ansari, a PhD in Organic chemistry from Mumbai University, has rich research experience in different Indian companies on syntheses of organic small molecules to macromolecules like organic, inorganic and hybrid polymers. In NSCC as one of the founder members he is engaged in building the manufacturing capability of nanomaterials and formulations thereof, from lab to pilot to plant. Dr. Ansari has also good number of scientific publications in national and international peer reviewed journals.
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