Nano technology products for surface coating

Screen Shield

Transparent hydrophobic non-stick nanocoating for dust and water repellent easy to clean glass

Screen Shield

Water Repellent & easy to clean transparent coating for vehicle glass windshield - Drive safe in heavy rain.

Features & areas of application

  1. Two component (mix ratio 2:1 v/v) reactive cure
  2. High Visibility through front / rear windshield & all windows
  3. Excellent Transparency and transparency retention (driver's safety parameters)
  4. Doesn't develop haziness on prolonged aging (retention of visibility)
  5. Easy cleaning - dose not allow dust to stick, dust can be easily cleaned using a mild water wash
  6. Reduce frequency of cleaning
  7. Repellant to mud water
    (No blind views on mud splashing)
  8. Superior mechanical robustness and durable to weather effects

Method of application

  1. Shake both the component separately
  2. Mix part-A & part-B in ratio of 2:1 by volume
  3. Mix for 2 minutes to obtain a homogeneous clear solution
  4. Apply the mixed material with dry clean cotton cloth
  5. Take the mixed material on cotton cloth
    (ensure proper wetting) and rub the thoroughly cleaned and dry surface properly (ensure thorough spreading of materials on the surface) until the surface gets dried and glass become transparent
  6. Do not wash the surface for at least two hours
  7. Mix only the required amount of the material before application

Product Specifications

  1. Coverage : 1000 - 1500 sq.ft. / ltr
  2. Product Shelf life : 12 months from date of manufacturing
  3. Available pack size : 15ml, 200ml
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