Easy to use water based DIY Spray for water less car wash

Bright-O-Clean is water less 'green' body cleaner for private and commercial vehicles to get a cleaning and showroom like shine and finish without any soap/shampoo. This can be used on cars, bus bodies, motorcycles, boats etc. It cleans shines and protects body paints, chrome, and wheels.

Bright-O-Clean waterless wash is an easy to use a car-care product that can be sprayed on to wipe off the dirt, dust, oil, grease, tree saps, bird drops etc. and provides showroom like shine, silkiness. Bright-O-Clean is a revolutionary environmental friendly product which can be used almost anywhere / anytime. No liquid spillage or wastage.

It cleans without scratching the surface and provides a smooth silky finish. Water-based Bright-O-clean is a safe alternative to soap/shampoo and water wash.

Features, Benefits & Areas Of Application

  • Easy to use, DIY Spray
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Remove dust, dirt, finger marks, bird drops, mark of tree saps
  • Saves water
  • Saves energy to operate the power tools for jet washing
  • Enhance productivity of the car spa by 30-45 minutes
  • Protect coating system from regular jet washing
  • Enhance gloss and shine
  • Provide silkiness
  • Recommended for car, motorcycle, by-cycle and commercial vehicles

Method of application

  • Shake well before use
  • Spray a small amount (2 or 3 sprays) onto one section at a time
  • Gently wipe off dirt with a clean micro fiber towel (side-to-side motion)
  • Gently buff dry any remaining product off using second dry and clean micro fiber towel (circular motion)

Product specs:

  • Coverage: 75 - 100 ml/car (subject to application and class of the car)
  • Product Shelf life: 6 months from date of manufacturing
  • Available pack size: 5, 20 & 200 ltr