Nano technology products for surface coating


Hydrophillic nanomaterial for protection against fog


Superhydrophilic transparent coating for anti-fog application on glass and plastic substrate

Features & areas of application

  1. Single component, ready to use material, air drying
  2. Long lasting anti fog properties
  3. Suitable for both cold and hot fog
  4. No fog formation after direct breathing on the coated surface
  5. Good stability in high humidity & saline water
  6. Protect fog formation for upto 3 months
  7. Recommended for glass and clear plastics in automotive, electronics & aerospace use
  8. Suitable for helmet visors, safety masks, sunglasses
  9. Suggested for rear view mirrors, windshields, view through windows & doors, bathroom mirrors

Method of application

  1. Shake well before Use
  2. Wet a soft clean cloth or cotton wool with material thoroughly, wipe on surface gently with excess material to avoid any visible line marks
  3. Blow hot air using a hot air gun or household hair drier for 3-5 minutes over the applied surface
  4. Ensure proper drying
  5. Do not allow the surface to come in contact with hands, water or any other chemicals or object for at least 2 hours

Product Specifications

  1. Coverage: 300-350 sq.ft. / ltr
  2. Product Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacturing
  3. Available pack size: 50ml, 200ml, 5 ltr, 20 ltr and 200 ltr
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