Nano technology products for surface coating


Water-based acrylic paint for heat reflective roof coating. The heat reflecting roof coating paint is designed for maximum thermal efficiency, high reflectivity. THERMO ROOF - W used, as an insulation coating on Roof tops and Walls of Buildings for maintaining cold / hot temperatures.

Typical applications

  1. Roof Tops & Roof Slabs
  2. Interior & Exterior Walls of Buildings

Technical Information

High SRI value
Reduce Room Temperature
Air Filled Microvoids based Thermal
Reduce Energy Consumption
No Leakage & Seepage
Pack Size:20 Ltr
Product Performance
40-50 Sq Ft in 2 Coats*

Features & Benefits

  1. Water-borne single pack paint with self-cleaning ability
  2. Water based, environmentally friendly
  3. Excellent thermal insulation at low thickness
  4. Lower interior temperatures
  5. Excellent adhesion to metal, asbestos and concrete surface
  6. Non-conductive property saves air conditioning energy cost

Application Guidlines

Surface preparation

    Surface must be free from dirt, grease, oils and any other foreign substances. Any flakes of old paint or powdery residues must be scrapped off and cleaned thoroughly by sanding using an emery paper. Algae and fungus on walls to be removed by high pressure water wash or coir brush and apply Bio-Wash fungicidal solution if needed. Fill cracks with suitable crack filling chemicals and allow the surface to dry completely prior to start the painting job.

Mixing and Application

    Stir the paint before application and then thin down to applicable consistency with required quantity of potable water. Mix thoroughly till the components become homogenous. Over-Mixing more than 5 minutes may destroy particles, thereby reducing insulating capabilities.

    Apply the paint liberally with paint brush followed by rollers. Allow the surface to dry for atleast 1-2 hours before applying the second coat.

    After completion of full coating, it should be allowed to cure for 24 hrs. Apply second coat after a gap of 1-2 Hours

Precautions & limitations

  1. Do not apply when concrete surfaces or ambient temperatures are below the dew point
  2. Material and the substrate temperature should be above 10°C and below 50°C before use
  3. Application on direct sunlight and windy situation may affect the paint performance


    Clean all tools and spillage of paint with water immediately after application.

Product Specifications

  1. Storage:Store in cool & dry place.
    Keep container tightly closed in a secure, upright position. Store in accordance with local regulations
  2. Packing: 20 Kg
  3. Shelf life (when stored as recommended): Min 36 months
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