Nano technology products for surface coating


Breathable water resistant primer coating for concrete, stones and masonry surfaces.


Three component water dilutable breathable water resistant primer coating for concrete, stones and masonry surfaces. Component A is a reactive nanomaterial which penetrates deep into the pores of the concrete and provides excellent water resistant properties. Component B and Component C is modified acrylic emulsion used to produce water resistant primer and reduce porosity of the concrete structure. Surface treated with Primcoat-2000 is recoatable and provides excellent adhesion to any conventional water borne paint or plaster to the base concrete.

Features and areas of application

  1. Easy to use requiring only low pressure spraying equipment or brush and roller
  2. Deep penetrating pore action for long lasting protection
  3. Preserves a natural appearance without membrane build-up
  4. Provide highly efficient barrier to water and salt ingress
  5. Allows concrete and masonry surfaces to maintain breathability while providing high water repellency characteristics
  6. Economical to use because of its durability over many years
  7. Minimizes efflorescence and fungal attack
  8. Reduces masonry cleaning costs
  9. Recommended for Stone, bricks, concrete, Natural Stones, lime stone masonry surfaces
  10. Mortar and Stucco, Chimney columns, exposed aggregate Gypsum board, asbestos sheets

Method of application

  1. Shake both the components well before use
  2. All surfaces must be clean and free from dust, dirt, oil and grease
  3. Mix 1 part of component A & 2 parts of component B & 2 parts of Component C and 19 parts of water (TDS < 1000 ppm)
  4. 2 coats to be applied with spray or roller/brush (wet on wet)
  5. Two passes is recommended to assure complete, uniform coverage. After the first pass is complete, come back over the same area with the second pass to assure a wet on wet process
  6. Allow the surface to dry for 24 hours
  7. Avoid application of coatings below dew point and temperature above 50ÂșC. Avoid application during rain and in presence of heavy wind
  8. Coverage: 40 -45 Sq.ft/ltr in 2 coats (subject to application substrate)
  9. Product Shelf life: 12 months - date of manf.

Available pack size

  1. 1 ltr component A & 2 ltr component B
  2. 5 ltr component A & 10 ltr component B
  3. 10 ltr component A & 20 ltr component B
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