Nano technology products for surface coating


Transparent anti-graffiti easy to clean coating


SiPU 2K is an silicon functionalized High-build two-pack mediumsolid polyurethane (PU) clear coat designed to achieve high gloss optimum scratch and graffiti resistance. This coating is specially designed to use as clear top coat for railway coaches and any other commercial vehicles and trailers. The coating can be applied as the final protective layer on the painted surface to prevent any damage of the aesthetics in daily use. The clear hard coating provides excellent scratch resistant and resistant to any chemicals used in regular cleaning activity. This coating is also resistant to stains like tea, coffee, shoe polish, turmeric, sauce and alcohol. Permanent marker inks can easily be removed from its surface by simple wiping with cloth or tissue paper. This coating can also be applied on metal and wooden surfaces like furniture, maintenance of other infrastructures in public places.

Features and areas of application

  1. Room temperature curing
  2. Anti-graffiti
  3. Repel most of the Stains
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Excellent coating gloss and gloss retention
  6. Long performance life
  7. Approximate coverage: 80-100 sq.ft/ltr @ 30-50 micron dry film thickness (DFT)

Benefits & advantages

  1. VOC content: Max. 530gm/Lit
  2. Basic Raw Materials:
    Component A: Silicon functionalized acrylic resins.
    Component B: Aliphatic poly-isocyanate
    (moisture sensitive)
  3. Mixing Ratio by Volume:
    9 parts by volume of component A
    1 parts by volume of Component B
  4. Pot life: 3 hrs @ 25°C

Application Guidlines


    Wet on wet 2 coats application by spray. Allow a flash-off time of 10-15 minutes between coats.


    Use proper protective equipment while handling. Contain solvents, use adequate ventilation during use. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact wash thoroughly with plenty of water and consult physician, if necessary.

Spraying Viscosity

  1. 15-18 sec DIN Cup 4 at 20°C
  2. Drying time:
    Touch dry: 90 min (@ 25oC)
    Hard dry: 4 hrs
    Full Cure: 7 days (@ RT)

Product Specifications

  1. Coverage :100 - 150 sq.ft/ltr in two coats
  2. Packing : 2 ltr, 20 ltr
  3. Shelf life (when stored as recommended) :12 months from date of manufacturing
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