Nano technology products for surface coating

CERAMAR 120 - no stain

Transparent oleophobic nanoprotection, anti grafiti hardcoating

CERAMAR 120 - no stain

CERAMAR 120 - no stain is a super hydrophobic nanocomposite polymeric material. When applied as a transparent coating on glass, metal, wood, concrete and ceramic articles produces scratch resistant clear film that protects the substrates from corrosion, microbial growths and any kind of stains (antigraffiti). The coating is self-cleaning and easy to clean in nature. Due to the presence of inorganic net works the material has excellent weather stability and has also excellent dust pick-up resistance for car wheel rims and fan blades applications.

Features and areas of application

  1. Stain proof glass and ceramic articles
  2. Metal cladding
  3. Easy clean and stain proof top coats for painted outdoor structures
  4. Weather and waterproof coatings for Concrete, wood and metal structures
  5. Ceramic tiles and other articles like washbasin, commode, ceramic pots etc
  6. Steel wash basin, commodes etc.
  7. Pre fabricated concrete and structures
  8. Car wheel, motorcycle, by-cycle wheel rims
  9. Metal and plastic fan blades

Benefits & advantages

  1. DIY application by spray, brush or roller
  2. Thin layer (low DFT), high coverage
  3. Room temperature curing
  4. Does not affect the original feel and aesthetics
  5. Repels most stains
  6. Easy clean / self-cleaning(no need of cleaning agent, can be dry wiped)
  7. Saves water for washing and cleaning of ceramic, metal and glass toilet fittings
  8. Recoatable, Scratch resistance, Anti Graffiti
  9. Excellent gloss and gloss retention
  10. Long performance life

Application Guidlines

Surface preparation

    Component A
    Appearance : Clear Liquid
    % Active ingredient : 25 ± 3
    Specific gravity : 0.895 ± 0.03

    Component B
    Appearance : Clear Liquid
    % Active ingredient : 3.5 ± 1
    Specific gravity : 0.79 ± 0.03

    Mixing Ratio : 5:1 (v/v)
    Dry film thickness : 5-10 micron
    Drying times : aprrox. 3 hours (Touch Dry) & overnight for hard dry
    Coverage : 150-200 sq.ft./ ltr(spray)

Surface preparation

    The surface has to be cleaned thoroughly from deposits like finger prints, dust & debris, release and slip agents or any other foreign materials.


    Use proper protective equipment while handling. Contain solvents, use adequate ventilation during use. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact wash thoroughly with plenty of water and Consult physician if necessary.


  1. Mix 5 parts of part A with 1 parts of part B (by volume)
  2. Mix for 2-3 minutes to obtain a homogeneous clear solution
  3. Apply the mixed solution on the substrate using spray, brush or rollers
  4. Coated panel require overnight drying and curing to achieve maximum robustness

Product Specifications

  1. Coverage :150-200 sq.ft./ ltr(spray)
  2. Packing : 300ml, 1 ltr and 20 ltr
  3. Shelf life (when stored as recommended) :6 months from date of manufacturing