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RT Cure Heat Resistant Paint


RT Cure Heat Resistant Paint

HEATGUARD is a polysiloxane based one component air drying heat resistant paint with a temperature resistant up to 600°C. This product is available in black and silver colors with low sheen, highly durable, mar resistant and fast drying. No need of baking for curing. It has low reflectance and excellent adhesion with carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum substrates. It can be used as a single coat on bare metal surfaces.

Areas of Application

    Design as heat resistant coating for chimneys, mufflers, ovens, barbeques and other heat resistant applications areas. Suitable for burning stoves, stacks, heat exchangers, kilns, boilers, breechings, turbine housing, and piping in industrial plants.

Technical Information

  1. Available Color: Black and Silver
  2. % Non-volatile content: 67 ± 3%
  3. 0Viscosity @ 27°C (B4 Ford cup): 15± 2 Sec
  4. Specific gravity: 1.23± 0.03
  5. Drying time: Tack free 20 minutes
  6. Recommended thickness: 15 to 20 micron
  7. Coverage : 120-150 sq.ft. / ltr
  8. Shelf Life : 6 months in close packed container (Sensitive to moisture)
  9. Pack Size : 100 ml, 400 ml, 20 ltr, 200 ltr

Application Guidlines

Surface preparation

    The surface of the pretreated substrate has to be cleaned thoroughly from deposits like finger prints, debris particles form release and slip agents or other process aids left from the manufacturing step. Ensure all surfaces are free from all loose dust and contaminants i.e. rust, soot, grease, dust etc.

Method and Application

    The application of the coating is conducted under normal temperature and surrounding conditions.
  1. Shake well before using the coating solutions
  2. Spray the coating solution on thoroughly cleaned surface
  3. Can also applied with brush
  4. Cured at Room Temperature (RT) for 12 hours for hard dry


    10-15 mints for touch dry and 12 hours for hard dry. Best mechanical properties achieved after 7days full curing at room temperature.


    Use proper protective equipment while handling. Contain solvents, use adequate ventilation during use. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact, wash thoroughly with plenty of water and consult physician if necessary. Disclaimer Information given in this leaflet is based on our laboratory experimental work and is correct to the best of our knowledge
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