Thin film anti-corrosive / rust proof coating for automotive

Features & Areas Of Application

  • Protect from rust & corrosion
  • Excellent atmospheric corrosion, weather and water resistance
  • Recommended for cars, motorcycles, bicycle, wheel rims & commercial vehicles
  • Suitable for automobile underbody & chassis
  • Protect surface for a minimum of 3 years

Method of application

  • Shake both the component separately
  • Mix part-A & part-B in ratio of 5:2 by volume + Apply with spray or by dip method on a thoroughly cleaned surface
  • For small objects apply material with brush or soft fibre cloth (wet with material)
  • Dry for minimum 12 hours before handling

Product specs:

  • Coverage: 100-150 sq.ft. / ltr (subjected to application method and surface)
  • Product Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacturing
  • Available pack size: 350 ml, 20 ltr and 200 ltr