High performance white board paint

Product Description

RITE-N-KLEAN is a two-pack isocyanate-free inorganic–organic hybrid paint which can be used to create and design office or personal white board. RITE-N-KLEAN is a perfect choice for modern room concept to convert any unused wall of office, class room or meeting room into white board for creative workspace environment. RITE-N-KLEAN calls it a day for dust forming chalk and black board era and safeguard students and teachers health by eliminating the source for chalk dust. It can be applied on dry wall, wood, cement and metal. White board made of RITE-N-KLEAN has great ease of legible writing with white board markers and mark free wipe off with duster. It is designed for creating dry erase surfaces on walls in offices, meeting room, education institutes, cafeterias, and kid’s rooms.

Benefits & areas of application

  • Two-pack isocyanate-free inorganic–organic hybrid paint
  • Extremely high durable
  • High abrasion resistant
  • Non-yellowing and no peel off
  • Incredible Surface, easy to clean and maintain
  • Perfect for short throw projections and interactive board

Technical information

  • Finish: Smooth & Glossy
  • Mix ratio (base: curing agent): 2.55:1 by v/v
  • Pot life: 3 hours @ 30oC
  • Surface dry: 2 hours @ 30oC
  • Touch dry: 3-4 hours @ 30oC
  • Hard dry: 24 hours @ 30oC
  • Recoat time: 4-5 hours
  • Full cure: 7 days (suggested time for put in work after 3 days of painting)
  • Method of application: Roller
  • Recommended DFT: 60-80 micron in 2 coats
  • Coverage: Approx. 60-80 sq.ft. per litre in 2 coats

Application Guideline

Surface Preparation:

RITE-N-KLEAN should always be applied over a recommended primer (For concrete wall use DÉCOR PRIMER and for metal use ULTRACORR ZPP) as per manufacturer’s directions. Lightly sand the surface prior to whiteboard paint (RITE-N-KLEAN) application. The primer surface should be dry and free from all contamination.

Safety Information:

Always work in a well-ventilated area. As a general safety measure, inhalation of vapors or coating mist and contact of coating with skin & eyes should be avoided. Wear appropriate attire, especially gloves, respiratory musk and eye protection gears. Any spillage or splashes of paint flash with plenty of water. Keep paint away from foods, drinks or animal feeds. In case of irritation in direct body contacts or any other health issue sick medical advice.

Environment Safety:

Does not contain any added lead, mercury, chromium or any heavy metal compounds.


Mixing Application:

Stir the base and hardener parts separately before mix them together. Mix hardener gradually into the base container (not the reverse) under continuous stirring. Always mix the full quantity as supplied to avoid improper curing issues. Continue the mixing for 3-5 minutes and allow induction time of 15-20 minutes.

Apply the paint liberally with lint free dense foam roller that is designed to give a smooth finish. Apply 2 to 3 coats of RITE-N-KLEAN to achieve the desire opacity as well as finish, Provide min 4-5hours drying interval in between the coats.

  • Once base is mixed with hardener, paint should be consumed within pot-life
  • Allow surface to cure for minimum 3 Days before applying white board marker
  • Once fully cured, whiteboard marker can be used and wipe off with a duster or lint free cloth
  • Avoid used of abrasive material and solvent for cleaning
  • Do not apply when substrate surfaces or ambient temperatures are below the dew point
  • Material and the substrate temperature should be above 10oC and below 50oC before use
  • Clean all tools and spillage of paint with thinner immediately after application.
  • Use proper protective equipment while handling. Contain solvents, use adequate ventilation during use. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact, wash thoroughly with plenty of water and consult physician if necessary.

Product specs:

  • Storage: Store in cool & dry place. Keep container tightly closed in a secure, upright position. Store in accordance with local regulations.
  • Product Shelf life: Min 12 months
  • Available pack size: 1 ltr