UltraCorr ACX-W

Water Base Thin Film Nano-Coating for Coils and Condensers for Corrosion Protection

Product Description

ULTRACORR ACX-W is a new advancement in waterborne sol-gel nano-composite polymeric material, when applied as a transparent thin film coating on metal substrates protects the metals from various corrosive agents. This coating has excellent mechanical, water resistance, weather resistance and chemical resistance. These coatings are particularly suitable for direct to a metal application and designer surfaces in metal structures, household's appliances, and car bodies.

Typical Applications

  • Direct to metal application (Galvanized Steel, Phosphate steel, Aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and alloys)
  • Metal structures
  • Households appliances


  • Automotive components
  • Underbody structure
  • Nuts & Bolts and ant other galvanized articles

Benefits & Advantages

  • No VOC
  • Water base Sol Gel Chemistry
  • Easy to use, No fuming during application
  • Replacement of conventional chemical conversion coating like Cr+6 or Cr+3 metal pretreatment.
  • Excellent salt spray resistance
  • Excellent weather resistance


  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Scratch Resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance against chemicals, acids and alkaline cleaners
  • Meets as per ROHS Compliance guidelines

Application Guideline

Surface Preparation:

The surface of the pre-treated substrate has to be cleaned thoroughly from deposits like fingerprints, debris particles form release and slip agents or other process aids left from the manufacturing step.

  • The application of the coating is conducted under normal temperature and surrounding conditions.
  • Shake well before using the coating solutions.
  • The liquid solution can be applied by using dip process and spray.
  • Coated panel needs to be cured for 20-30 minutes at 140oC.

Cure for 20-30 minutes at 140oC

  • Don't apply materials below dew point and above 50oC.
  • Avoid rain during application till the surface is dried.
  • Use proper protective equipment while handling.