Ultracorr ZPP

Anti-corrosive primer for protection of steel against corrosion

Product Description

ULTRACORR ZPP is an especially design two-component epoxy based polymeric anti-corrosive primer formulated with containing Zinc phosphate pigment to offer active inhibiting protection of steel against corrosion. ULTRACORR ZPP has excellent adhesion with the metal surface and compatible with wide range of epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic and polysiloxane top coats.

Typical application

  • Direct to metal application (Galvanized steel, phosphate steel, carbon steel)
  • Metal structures and components
  • Metal and Engineering industries.
  • Industrial plants and machineries

Benefits & Advantages

  • Anti-corrosive primer
  • Excellent adhesion and film hardness
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Compatible with wide range of top coats
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller, conventional or airless spray

Technical information

  • Appearance: Smooth and uniform
  • Colour: White/Grey
  • Finish: Smooth and matt to egg shell flat
  • Mixing ratio by Volume: 4:1
  • Pot life: 3 - 4 hrs
  • Recommended Dry film thickness: 40-50 micron
  • Drying time:
    • Surface Dry: 2-3 hrs
    • Hard Dry: 8-9 hrs
    • Full cure: 7 days
  • Overcoat interval: 18 hrs
  • % Dilution: 2-5%
  • Thinner: Xylene : Butanol (70 : 30)
  • Coverage: 70-90 Sq.ft/ltr at 40-50 micron DFT
  • Shelf life: 6 months in a close container

Application Guideline

Surface Preparation:
  • Apply only when temperatures are between 10oC and 50oC.
  • Remove dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants.
  • Remove blistered or loose rust scale by machine grinding, manually by sandpaper or with metal shrapnel's and steel wire brush
  • Don’t apply materials below dew point and above 50oC.
  • Avoid rain during application till the surface is dried.
  • Use proper protective equipment while handling.
  • Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact wash thoroughly with plenty of water and Consult physician if necessary


Mixing Application:
  • Stir the component A and component B parts separately before mix them together
  • Mix hardener gradually into the base container (not the reverse) under continuous stirring.
  • Always mix the full quantity as supplied to avoid improper curing issues.
  • Continue the mixing for 3-5 minutes. Allow induction time of 15-20 minutes and then thin down to applicable consistency with required quantity of solvent.
  • Mix thoroughly till the components become homogenous. Apply the paint liberally with paint brush.
  • Can also be applied with brush, roller, conventional or airless spray
  • Clean all painting equipment immediately after use with thinner