Anti-microbial transparent easy to clean, non-stick to dust nano coatings

Product Description

ULTRAGUARD E2C 120X AB is a specially designed nano technology based two pack clear coats to achieve optimum scratch and stain/dust resistance easy to clean anti-microbial transparent nanocoating. ULTRAGUARD E2C 120X AB is is a durable self-protective nano coating against the growth of micro-organisms like virus, bacteria mold, fungi and yeasts and conforms to global standards. The actives used are the cationic nano active dispersed into nano polymer and effective to inactivate pathogens on the surface, hence potential material to immobilize of microbes. Its anti-microbial system does not leach out over the period of time, and it therefore remains safe and active for prolong duration. This non-stick coating is specially designed to use as clear topcoat as a final protective layer on painted surfaces to prevent any stain marks or graffiti. It is non-stick to dust and any other solid darts protecting the aesthetic look of the surfaces for long duration. The surface can easily be cleaned and maintained without using any harsh chemical cleaners. Permanent marker inks can easily be removed from its surface by simple wiping with cloth or tissue paper.

Area Of Application

  • All types of residential, industrial and exhaust Fans
  • Hardware and fittings
  • Home appliances
  • Equipment and Machineries
  • Pre-painted surface
  • Suitable for both liquid and powder coated components.
  • Industrial uses

Benefits & Advantages

  • Anti-microbial (Anti-viral and anti-bacterial) nano coating
  • Anti-microbial efficacy > 99%
  • Complies to global standards
  • Hydrophobic and easy to clean
  • No stain, completely wipable
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Reduce corrosion


  • Resistance against chemical cleaners
  • Scratch resistant
  • Long performance life
  • Can be applied by conventional spray process
  • Effective metal temperature (EMT) and time for curing: @ 140-150°C for 30 minutes
  • Recommended film thickness: 20-30 μm
  • Available finish: Gloss, Matt and Pearl.

Application Guideline

Surface Preparation:
  • The surface has to be cleaned thoroughly from deposits like finger prints, dust & debris, release and slip agents or any other foreign materials.
  • Remove dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants by solvent wiping
  • Any flakes powdery residues must be scrapped off by machine grinding and cleaned thoroughly by sanding using an emery paper.
  • On painted area, Apply suitable primer and base coat or powder coating and allow it to cure properly before applying ULTRAGUARD E2C 120X AB (this can be applied by wet on wet process in case of liquid coating)
  • Mix 3 parts of part A with 1 parts of part B (by volume)
  • Mix for 5 minutes to obtain a homogeneous clear solution and allow to settle it for 15 minutes for maturation
  • Apply the mixed solution on the substrate using conventional spray process
  • Cured at 140-150ºC (EMT) for 30 minutes. Required effective metal temperature is 140-150°C for 30 minutes.
  • Mixed solution should be used with 8hrs. of mixing of Part A and Part B
  • Don’t apply materials below dew point and above 50°C.
  • Once base is mixed with hardener, paint should be consumed within pot-life.
  • Clean all tools with thinner immediately after application
  • Avoid application of excessive film thicknesses

Product Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacturing